Ambassador Program

Come join the family – the rules

** You NEED to have an air product from us!!

You can’t be promoting any other airtrack company

** Post on Instagram or TikTok once a week or every second week. The more you post the better

**Have an active account that you post on often

** Tag us in your photos and videos  @fleatrax and use #fleatrax

** You will receive a discount code for your followers to save 10%

** You will receive 5% cashback on all sales using your code via paypal or get a 5% discount code to use with your 10% code to use towards a Fleatrax

**Follow us on instagram, titkok or like our page on facebook, what ever social media you are promoting us on

**Create a Fleatrax account. (click “MY ACCOUNT” and fill in the details)

**You have to be following us on Instagram or/and tiktok

**You need to be from Australia!!

## Do not comment on our posts your discount code!  only on your own posts.

Interested?? please apply by email:  [email protected] or DM us on instagram/facebook messenger

Social media : instagram – @Fleatrax tiktok – @fleatrax facebook – @fleatrax / Lakela Adams